Zelmia Bezuidenhout, Businesswoman & Belly Dance Instructor

“Once you meet Sensei Renier there is nothing not to like!!! Plus, he became a friend so having conversations with him and learning from him was just so easy to do. Not only does he make me think of ‘Google on line 24/7’ because of his knowledge and insight, but if he really doesn’t know he will find out and make sure to share the knowledge. He has such an inspiring list of fields he studied in and yet he doesn’t stop there, he continues to learn and expand on his already immense wisdom. On top of this he has groups on WhatsApp for the Reiki clan to learn and support one another. One can not miss that he is very well trained and very in tune with his spirituality. Sensei Renier has a passion for Reiki which is clearly showing in the way he lives his life.”

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