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The only Firewalking Instructors Training Institute in Africa Associated with the Global Firewalking Association.

Firewalking Africa is a business committed to personal growth, and to that endeavour, we have a team of people committed to your success in the firewalking world. All of our team are available to help with your events, and we actively encourage networking and team collaboration for your success. Many of our team, have more than 10 years experience in personal development, coaching, NLP, or firewalking.

Cobus “the Viking” Visser is a renowned South African author, speaker, trainer, facilitator, life coach and firewalking instructor who is dedicated to helping
individuals, business leaders and people with disabilities. Over the past decade, he has worked with hundreds of individuals and local and international leaders, teams, and organisations to achieve peak performance.

Cobus holds a BBA in Marketing Management from the IMM Graduate School. Also expertly qualified as a Certified Master Firewalking instructor, a Certified Master an Executive Business Coach, and enneagram facilitator. In addition, he has completed courses in Applied Sports Psychology, Train the Trainer, and Mental Strength.

After being diagnosed with hemophilia as a child and enduring excruciating pain for years, he found himself in the hospital, unable to move, in 2013. Instead of giving up, Cobus decided his body would no longer be his prison.

He has since not only learned to move his arms, crawl, and walk, but he has also conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.

Zelmia Roda
Zelmia has worked in the corporate and financial industry for 17 years, a professional belly dancer and teacher for 20 years, a part-time model and actress of over 15 years, and a mother to two amazing daughters.

She is a Personal Development Coach who focuses on your Mindset, Transformation, Human behaviour, and life strategy to empower you to become your own Master of your Success!

Her skills range from Specialised Kinesiology, Energy Balancing in the Body (Reiki Master & Audio Reiki Talk), Clean Language & Clean Space, Mental Coaching and Mental recalibrating, Movement Therapy & Isolations Specialist to balance the body (Accredited Belly Dance Teacher).

The Confidant
The Confidant helps you to get insight to break through whatever holds you back on a Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual level. We build a Tailor-made Action Plan together, to reach your highest potential and live your dream life.

The Confidant specialises in Kinesiology, NLP, 
Temple Arts, Deep Tissue – and Taoist Massage for couples or singles, Clean Language and Reiki.

Dragon Flame Healing
The Dragon’s flame is the combined energy of all the elements – earth, fire, water and air. It is the highest form of balanced energy. We use this energy to offer Ancestral guidance (crossing over), Angel guidance/Tarot readings and Usui Reiki Healing


The Global Firewalking Association is a not-for-profit membership organization that serves professional firewalk instructors and firewalking enthusiasts.

The International School of Usui Reiki was founded in 2019 by Fabrizio Romano. Our aim is to train students in a traditional Japanese form of the system of Reiki. We also offer training in the Western lineage of Reiki, albeit still highlighting how important it is for our students to develop a daily practice habit.

Shibumi International Reiki Association is a Non-Profit organization established to support and promote the Japanese art of the system of Reiki through providing education for Reiki practitioners and the general public with clear and detailed information regarding the system of Reiki and the roles of practitioners and teachers, Quality standards for Reiki practitioners and teachers, Membership for Reiki practitioners who practice from a Japanese perspective and Research into the benefits and history of the system of Reiki.

The International House of Reiki is honoured to be able to teach a traditional Japanese form of the system of Reiki in a down-to-earth manner while still encapsulating the deep spirituality of the system.