Extraordinary – The Power that is You Volume 1 – Renier Horne & Cobus Visser

Fundamental Principles and Powerful Actions to create an Extraordinary Life

Welcome to one of the best choices you have made thus far in your life. You are taking this step towards creating the life worthy of your dreams. You create your life, whether it is heaven or hell! If you continually struggle with relationships, finances, your career or health, life will surely be perceived as hell. If you have sufficient financial supply, relationships are optimal, you have the dream job and you are healthy, life will seem much more like heaven on earth.

The journey of personal empowerment, self-transformation, personal growth, and development is an art to be mastered, it starts today and it never ends.

The journey you are about to take will set you on course into living an empowered life. This book will give you the foundation and theory you need to start creating a more focused and fulfilled life. This is the first book in a 2 part series and leads to our next book volume 2.

Extraordinary – The Power that is You Volume 2 – Renier Horne & Cobus Visser

More Fundamental
Principles and Powerful Actions to create an Extraordinary Life

This book continues on from Volume 1 and contains information that has helped the authors attain personal empowerment and a better life altogether, the very concepts that have sparked them into the life journey they are now following. It is a combination of old studies, where you are asked to accept certain concepts, based on the author’s beliefs, studies of successful people, etc… and cutting edge science that supports and explains these theories in detail, making it very believable for even the natural sceptic.

The aim with this book is to make you aware that you can start living the life you always wanted right now. You already have ALL that it takes, to live an extraordinary life, whatever that means to you. Finish this book, and you will start to realise how and why.