Oh, Fire… Aren’t You so Misunderstood?

Andréa Minnie

Oh, Fire… aren’t you so misunderstood?
Hated. Feared.
Dealer of pain. Destination of vain.

I will admit… we were adversaries once too.
That life. Taken.
The weapon? Your flame.

But oh, Fire! You are definitely misconstrued!
If not for you, when would my life have ever started anew?

Maybe that’s what had to happen?
When we met, some lifetimes ago.

Vulnerable and alone.
Perched up on your warming bones.

Your finger-flames, the only ones curious enough. To ask. To explore.
The only one brave enough to venture all the way down to my powerful soul.

Past flesh.
Past blood.
Even past bone.

Ashed down to essence.
To spirit. To gold.
Only a distant memory we both now share.

But can you believe?!
Here we’ve met again!
This time, times completely reversed.

As I build you, you build me.
As I keep you. You keep me.
As I move. You lead me.

Your flames inspire every step in my dance.
Your coals tenderly kissing both my so(u)l(e)es,
and leaving nothing to chance.

How can I ever resent you?
For you were the only one that ever wanted to know…
Who else better now, to show me how to grow?

Ashes to ashes. Mine to yours.
Gone is that old lifetime of craze.
You can stand back now and watch this Phoenix raise.

A calling I’ll never regret.
Thank you for your intimacy.
Thank you for your lessons.

Your spirit is now mine.

Cobus Visser – Renier Horne – Chantal Kading

Reproduced with kind permission from
Andréa Minnie – The Andyverse.