My Reiki Journey by Shekinah

My Reiki Journey


For me Reiki has become so much more than only the healing aspect. I love the Mantras, Precepts and Meditations taught. This is where I find my healing and unity. I start every morning with mantras, precepts and connecting to Reiki.

This provides me with the connectedness and alignment I need every day even on days when I feel a bit more emotional. At this point the mantras and meditations are crucial for me. It brings me back to my body and present moment. The teachings have taught me that that Life and Love is so simple and there is no need to complicate anything.

I think this is of the things I love the most. I have a tendency to over complicate life… I have grown tired of doing so and have a desire to simplify life and Reiki is guiding the way for me to do so.

Reiki 1 and 2 was a lot about the spiritual and energetic aspects for me where as Shinpiden I can see and experience that it is living the dance and finding the balance between the physical realm and the spiritual realm and being true to my authentic self which ultimately is being true to Source. I am so much more aware of the connectedness of all beings and identifying teachers and life lessons becomes much easier.

Instead of seeing myself as a victim and blaming others for life situations have started changing. Noticing mystical aspects and synchronicities fill my awareness and I am truly grateful for this.

I truly love and enjoy this journey and intent to dance this beautiful dance for many years to come. I also see the sacredness in life more frequently.

Thank you for blessing my life with beauty beyond words.