My Reiki Journey by Francois Bezuidenhout

My Reiki Journey

Francois Bezuidenhout

My Reiki journey started in 2019, after my wife and one daughter, Zelmia and Franzel, did their Reiki training, their feedback was amazing!

This is when I saw that there is more to life than the usual, and that is why I started my Reiki journey, and that is also when Reiki found me. For me, Reiki was the life improvement and experience that ignite the fire in me. I did three Reiki Master training over some time, little did I know what I let myself into, all for the better.

For me, 2019 was the year of starting my spiritual and universal journey. I was always looking and searching for a better connection with source, and I found that in myself through Reiki.

A little bit about me, I am a 45-year-old male, I am married to Zelmia and have two daughters, Zelswa and Franzel, I am a businessman by day and a universal being by day and night (part-time healer).

I grew up in a normal but broken home, my mother moved on when I was 10 years old. My father and I were very close, he also moved on when I was 25 years old. So, these days about every home is broken and I wanted to live my life differently.

I want to see that this circle is broken in my life, raising my children different and more open to understand life better.

I am an addict and need to deal with this every day of my life and I always ask myself why I can’t forgive myself for what I have done unto myself and others. After my first Reiki training with Sensei Renier Horne, it came to my mind that forgiveness starts with myself and this is when I decided to continue with Reiki.

I came to realize that meditation is key to connect to God and Source, meditation for me is the ancient way of praying to God. When you learn to meditate and connect to source you really start to find yourself. Meditation has thought me to prepare for every day and any challenge in a day.

I have always had an interest in different forms of healing, Reiki was is one of them. I always wanted to know how the human body works and where we are from and where are we going to.

This is when I realized that if I can heal through Reiki on the inside, I realized that the outside is also possible. I then add to the Reiki self-study about the nutrition of the human body.

This all adds up to the basics of lives that we have forgotten. In the ancient tribes the human beings did basic stuff like, meditate, praying, eating organic and healthy food, and spent most of their time in nature!

That’s why I will be forever thankful for Sensei Renier Horne taught me Reiki! I think Reiki is a fundamental modality to study and learn by everyone who wants to improve their lives. If every one of us can learn the ancient way of loving and healing, we can and will make this world a better place for all of us!

For me this was not an easy journey, Reiki opened my eyes to see thins in life from all angles and gave me a better understanding of life and our beings. Reiki has shown me new ways of living and it is much more peaceful and loving.

If any person wants a more respectful and loving life, Reiki is the place to start from, where you can build and improve to be more at the moment and loving unconditionally.

Francois is a full-time businessman and part-time healer. The goal is to bring life in balance. I have a meditation studio where we do guided meditation for them that are in need to get grounded and balance back into the lifestyle. For me it is about the body, spirit, and mind, that is why nutrition is my passion and I am also working and different nutritional modalities and awareness modalities to improve the body, to be in balance with spirit and mind. I am a Master Reiki practitioner and I am starting my Reiki practice in 2020. Life is a journey sometimes on wide-open roads sometimes on the edge, my life is about a balance let me help you find yours. Always Embrace the real you.

My Reiki Journey by Zelmia Roda

My Reiki Journey

My Reiki journey started in a time of my life where I got very ill for no reason, I even went to Hospital and they did tests but couldn’t find the cause for my symptoms.  My symptoms were shakes, shivering, high blood pressure, feeling anxious, couldn’t sleep, and tired all the time with severe migraine attacks, basically 24/7.
My one friend indicate that a lot of my symptoms were ascension symptoms related.  On this note I asked what ascension symptoms were, she replied that the body is starting to awake to its owns existence and powers.  So, the effects of the vibration of your being which is now changing causes the symptoms.
She also invited me to join a group of like-minded people going through the same experiences and symptoms.  It is on this group that I saw the Reiki add and it got my attention.  Also, the administrator of the group Renier Aka Mr. Dragon, hosted the Reiki.  When Renier inquired for the last time about any of the people on the group who wanted to do Reiki, I knew that it was a direct call for me to do the Reiki!!!
Thus, my Reiki journey started…… I didn’t read up on it, as I am more of a “go with the flow” or I am more of a “feel” or “own experience” not “pre-meditated” type or person.  I just looooovvveee learning and always ask way too many questions, so if I get an opportunity to go and learn something I would just jump in and do it!!! It was no different from Reiki, although I only thought it would be a once-off thing to aid me in my symptoms and to just feel better.  Also, I thought I will use it in Belly dance classes for healing.
Boy oh boy was I wrong!!! From the get-go off, I felt so at home, I have never experienced that feeling before in my life.  As the first day of training started to unfold I had so many “aha” moments and at some stages, I thought to myself for the first time in my life, I can learn of a module that resonates so much with my outlook on life.  It was also the first time in life that I could understand how Jesus healed people.  This to me was a huge revival and I literally started to feel like I was about to get reborn.
By the end of the first day, we did the attunement……..this This was such an amazing humbled, emotional, and connected experience!!! I could sense an immediate change in my directions of where Reiki was taking me.  By now I had realized that Reiki took charge and I was following!!!
I didn’t know what to expect after the training in the next 21 days, but Sensei Renier did explain to us that this period is taken up by the attunement symptoms (old habits or traumas reserving again) to heal through and to grow from.  I did my meditations without religiously and could sense the benefits from it.  I also started to use hand mudras after a few weeks of doing my meditations.

To say that the attunement symptoms were very difficult to go through is an understatement!!! But it was worth it!!!

I could sense and feel that a new world had just opened to me and for the first time in my life I could begin to understand things on a different level.  Even my upbringing and religious believes were challenged to the extreme.
The hands-on Reiki I did on people was just an amazing experience, as one could feel the “energy” flowing every time you would tune into it to start to work.  By now I knew that Reiki was going to take me places I have never dreamt of!!!
Of course, when Sensei Renier advertised Reiki Level 2 I had to do it.  Once again, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I knew I had to continue this journey with Reiki.
To say that Level 2 was the next level is an understatement.  We learned about the Reiki symbols (which I also discovered I was seeing in a book I was reading “The Celestine Prophecy” every time I wanted to start reading, before Reiki Level 2) and how the distance Reiki works.
The exercises we did after the 2nd attunement were just on a whole different level of “Reiki and hands-on healing”!!! I also experienced the Reiki Level 1 attunement as a huge shift in energy and very powerful almost masculine energy.  The 2nd one Reiki Level 2 attunement was a much more emotional one and more female energy was observed.
By this time my attunement symptoms started much earlier, the evening after the attunement.  I was very ill with a runny stomach so much so that I could hardly make the 2nd-day training.  But luckily, I did!!!
With Reiki Level 2 done I could sense that the “connectedness to Reiki” came more often as before and stayed longer, even without me focussing to connect. Just by thinking of Reiki instantly evoked that connectedness.  I also began to feel much more connected to everything around me like trees, plants, flowers, people, and animals, basically ALL living things!!!
The Reiki Level 2 journey was a lot different than Level 1 with the 21day journal we had to write.  This to my surprise was a very healing process and a lot of things came out just by writing everything down and to reflect on them.  Also, I haven’t written in a very long time, I use to love to write and even considered to study to become a journalist.  But due to all my trauma as a child, I stopped writing at the age of 14 ………and with Reiki Level 2 I was forced for the first time since to write again.  So just by writing again, a lot of healing took part.
The documentation we had to finish for Level 2 took a lot of self-searching, self-work and I was also led to face my old demons.  Especially the ones I thought I had overcome!!! Reiki Level 2 was a step up from Reiki Level 1.
By now I have tapped into a lot of my spiritual gifts I didn’t even know of.  This was a very exciting yet very scary journey, (still is and continue) as it was radical and new to me and didn’t always sit well with my old teachings (religion, upbringing, believes, and culture upbringing).
Reiki 3 had my name written all over it and I could not wait to learn more about this amazing gift from the universe which we all had access to!!!
The training was very insightful, and we did a lot of meditations which to me indicated from the get-go that Reiki Level 3 was about a lifestyle, a becoming so intertwined with Reiki that it sits in your DNA and you literally became Reiki!!!
The group attunement session was mind-blowing, as one could sense the level of vibration rising as everyone was connected to Reiki at the same time, this was truly very memorable experience.
The hands-on healing session after the attunement was just formed another galaxy, to say the least.  After the feedback, it was quite evident that whoever was busy giving Reiki or receiving it, also shared with whoever was in the room at that stage!!!
This was also my first time that a patient/client said they felt phantom hands while I was doing the Reiki, and I could sense the energy flowing through me was stronger and more powerful due to the connectedness.
Reiki Level 3 brought everything together and into perspective, for the first time in my life I felt close to God and His creation, in a way I always wanted to and dreamt of but could not do!!!

I am Zelmia a professional bellydancer/performer/teacher. My professional troupe can be booked for:

  • Corporate Functions
  • Launches of businesses and products
  • Weddings
  • Kitchen Teas
  • Bachelor parties
  • Any event or function in need of great entertainment

As a professional Belly dancer, teacher, part-time model and actress of over 15 years. I’ve seen and experienced it All!

I am a real person with a real-life and real challenge always striving for real solutions, paying it forward, to help others experience a peaceful and meaningful life!

I will assist you in finding your own Truth, experiencing Your Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Sexual Reality the way You were meant to!

I am a seasoned Polymath Practitioner and student of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, with skills ranging from Specialised Kinesiology, Reiki Master & Audio Reiki Talk, Clean Language & Clean Space, Mental coaching, Massages, Professional Belly Dancer & Teacher, Co-founder of Kinesiology Isolation Movement (KIM).