“This was a life changing experience for which I will forever be grateful”

Prof. Johannes A Slabbert, D.Ed.

“Renier, it was a privilege to meet you. I am very into vibrational states and it was amazing to experience that in this process!! It (reiki) really does work!”

Teresa Damon, Teacher

“Our first ever love relationship seminar would not have been a success without these awesome individuals. We are forever grateful for their humble and positive spirits. Our sincere gratitude to Keneilwe Mabapa (International Author/Attorney) Renier Horne (International Life Coach/Musician), Pst Dee (Pastor, International radio personality), Ntsikwane Raphesu (International Award-winning Artist), Jay Nkosi (International radio personality/ Entrepreneur), Alex Mahlare (International Author/Entrepreneur), Joeman Thupana (International movie and music Producer) and Mpho Moroasi (International radio personality/Entrepreneur).”

Alex Mahlare
Family and Marriage Restoration International Institute

“Renier’s love for Reiki really showed in the training. It felt like weekend spent with family. This training changed my life in so many ways.
Thank You – Aho!”


Brad Marais - Yoga Teacher

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin to say thank you. Renier helped me to open my eyes to see the world the way I was always supposed to see it. He is just friggen amazing and I am super exited to see where this path leads me to!

Renita de Beer - Cuisine / Editable Art Creator
And after a long and somewhat hard and difficult journey, today I am Shinpiden 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 (Master Reiki Practitioner).
How Reiki has helped me find my connection with God again, I will forever be grateful!!!
Today I can walk this “difficult” road with peace of mind and a connection strong to God and my purpose.
Just for today I will not anger.
Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will be thankful for my many blessings.
Just for today I will be kind and compassionate to all living things.
And Just for today I will do what is expected of me diligently.
Laetitia de Beer Swanepoel
The Phoenix of Africa

Sensei Renier is very good at what he does, he is very passionate and cares so much for all his students. I am glad to have been trained by Renier.”

Ferdinand Lourens, Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher

Very different and helpful techniques learned. Had a lot of Wow moments of how healing works.

Keiasha Arumagum

“What an absolute humbling, grateful, emotional, filled with love and good energy this weekend was. Being taught for 2 whole days in the art of Reiki, split by an International Firewalk, priceless. Thank you, Renier Horne, for taking me on the first steps of my Reiki journey and thank you Cobus Visser for keep lighting my Firewalk fire. The best Reiki team of likeminded people to work with and to learn from. We will walk a long way in each other’s footsteps.

Aho 🙏🏻

Sandra de Wet-du Toit - Director
DSquare Consulting

“I was skeptical about reiki at first, but now I am a true believer. I am now a reiki addict and I can not wait to add this to my practice!”

Laetitia Swanepoel, Life Coach Trainer

“Once you meet Sensei Renier there is nothing not to like!!! Plus, he became a friend so having conversations with him and learning from him was just so easy to do. Not only does he make me think of ‘Google on line 24/7’ because of his knowledge and insight, but if he really doesn’t know he will find out and make sure to share the knowledge. He has such an inspiring list of fields he studied in and yet he doesn’t stop there, he continues to learn and expand on his already immense wisdom. On top of this he has groups on WhatsApp for the Reiki clan to learn and support one another. One can not miss that he is very well trained and very in tune with his spirituality. Sensei Renier has a passion for Reiki which is clearly showing in the way he lives his life.”

Zelmia Bezuidenhout, Businesswoman & Belly Dance Instructor

“With a name like Mr. Awesome how could he be anything but awesome. He is very knowledgeable  and answers all questions asked. Very passionate about reiki and what it is all about. He listens with an understanding heart and does not judge. Make me feel comfortable and safe”

Prenisha Arumugam

“I can promote Renier with ease, as he is a very gentle, kind hearted person. He always take everyone in consideration. Renier also does his utmost best to give as many info as possible without letting you feel overwhelmed”

Zelmia Bezuidenhout, Businesswoman & Belly Dance Instructor

Renier is very knowledgeable and has lots of patience in the introduction given and techniques shown

Gary Bath - Transformation Coach

“This Training brought all the teachings of Reiki together for me. The teachings are not over complicated and I look forward to practicing them in my daily life.”

Shekinah, Yoga Instructor

“I did not know what to expect from the course. I can feel and see that I can connect more and better with Jesus with this way and will be able to better see my way”

Wam Oberholzer, Contractor

“Renier Horne is an amazing Sensei and I feel honoured and blessed to learn from him. He goes out of his way to make sure his students are okay and understands the principles”

Laetitia Swanepoel, Phoenix of Africa

“Renier has a Special Gift to train healers!

I went to the course with no clue what to expect. This journey was life changing to me. I will never be able to look at life the same way ever again!!!
It was as if I was reborn!!!”

Zelmia Bezuidenhout, Businesswoman & Belly Dance Instructor

“Renier and his Trainers are Great!

I highly recommend them if you want to learn reiki”

Juan van Wyk

“Renier is a true master in the field and such an inspiring teacher. He is always friendly yet firm and always in control of the group and every situation. Renier made the training fun, interesting and very special. His passion for Reiki clearly shines through.”

Natasha Jooste - Programmer

I’ve never felt energies the way I felt them during the Reiki 1 training. It is as if the veil dropped and I can finally see the world in brighter and more loving colours.

Renita de Beer – Cuisine / Editable Art Creator

What a journey it has been to work on myself to reduce anxiety. Still struggle sometimes, but overall, I feel much better and more in control.
Thank you, Reiki and Renier Horne …for giving me so many tools to assist with this, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Aletia Cloete – Senior Consultant Herbalife

“It has been an absolute humbling experience, very beneficial to my personal spiritual growth. Definitely a “must-do” for every person wanting to serve.”

Jacqueline Botes

“I really enjoyed doing this course. It’s short enough for my liking and Renier Horne is a fantastic teacher/facilitator and human being. May he continue his work and be blessed. Namaste.”

Ferdinand Lourens, Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher

Thanks Renier for your positive attitude, love, knowledge and training. I really enjoyed it, will definitely go on with more training

Anita Engelbrecht - NSPCA

“I connected very well with the workshop Renier facilitated.
It was Amazing!”

Erica Lotz - Owner
Palooza Gifts

“This weekend I connected with the Water, the Fire, the earth and the wind, and most of all with the Great Spirit that goes by a thousand names and yet cannot be Named, through the Awesome power of Reiki, thank you, thank, Thank you, Renier Horne – Alchemist Healer Mentor that made this awesome weekend possible. Also for Sheridan Smith, for the amazing Firewalk experience Cobus Visser \S/ Mental Strength Coach and the Reiki Clan (fellow students) for your awesome input in this weekend, it truly was a transformational time in my life. ❤️

Fanus du Plooy - Life & Spiritual Coach
Wholeness Institute

“I have grown immensely not just in my search as a person in the linear world, but as a divine soul who came here for a purpose”

Dr. Samantha Mostert Ph.D.

“As with everything I was a bit skeptical in the beginning. I did not know whether my instructor or the teachings could be trusted. However as I continued on this journey and allowed myself to be open-minded and to listen and apply and participate, I started asking questions and as I made contect with my sensei with regards to to the practice of the teachings and sharing my experience with Reiki in my life, I started trusting and believing and sharing more openly. Hearing the passion my Sensei has for Reiki, is an inspiration to me. Renier has not abandoned me once, and he walks the extra mile to share as much information as possible with the class. If extra help or teachings are needed he is there to provide them. When I see the way he treats his students and his classes, I can see that he walks the walk. I am truly grateful and honoured to have such a true sensei” 

Shekinah - Yoga Instructor