“With a name like Mr. Awesome how could he be anything but awesome. He is very knowledgeable  and answers all questions asked. Very passionate about reiki and what it is all about. He listens with an understanding heart and does not judge. Make me feel comfortable and safe”

Prenisha Arumugam

Thanks Renier for your positive attitude, love, knowledge and training. I really enjoyed it, will definitely go on with more training

Anita Engelbrecht – NSPCA

“Renier’s love for Reiki really showed in the training. It felt like weekend spent with family. This training changed my life in so many ways.
Thank You – Aho!”


Brad Marais – Yoga Teacher

“We were blessed to have Renier joining us in our sessions. He is a very good instructor in all aspects of his training and very hands on and his after care is just amazing.”

Francois Bezuidenhout, Businessman

“Renier and his Trainers are Great!

I highly recommend them if you want to learn reiki”

Juan van Wyk

“This Training brought all the teachings of Reiki together for me. The teachings are not over complicated and I look forward to practicing them in my daily life.”

Shekinah, Yoga Instructor

“Renier, it was a privilege to meet you. I am very into vibrational states and it was amazing to experience that in this process!! It (reiki) really does work!”

Teresa Damon, Teacher

Renier is very knowledgeable and has lots of patience in the introduction given and techniques shown

Gary Bath – Transformation Coach

“I was skeptical about reiki at first, but now I am a true believer. I am now a reiki addict and I can not wait to add this to my practice!”

Laetitia Swanepoel, Life Coach Trainer

“It has been an absolute humbling experience, very beneficial to my personal spiritual growth. Definitely a “must-do” for every person wanting to serve.”

Jacqueline Botes