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Reiki implies “spiritual energy” or simply “the energy of all things” our own natural brightness, our true existence, our essence. This intrinsic light is slowly obscured by layers of anger, worries, fear, resentment and attachments. So much so that we can no longer see its light, that it is totally concealed. And if we can’t see our own inherent light, then it’s going to be really difficult for others to see it within us, too. This covering up results in us becoming more angry or worried, scared, sad, distracted, and unloving easily.

“We practice “the system of Reiki” to remove the layers of worry, fear and attachments that cover our brightness, which is the other angle of What Reiki is. There are five very basic elements to the Reiki system; precepts, meditations, hand healing, symbols/mantras and spiritual blessing. These elements allow the practitioner to eliminate the layers slowly so that our inherent light can once again appear with all its glory.

Free Online Medicine Circle

Ceremony is an essential part of traditional healing all over the globe.
As Physical and Spiritual health are intimately intertwined, Body and Spirit must heal together. Healing Circles and Ceremonies promote wellness by reflecting on conceptions of The Great Spirit / Creator / Source / God, and the Universe. These can include prayer, chants, songs, stories, drumming and the use of sacred objects.
Join me every last Sunday of the month, from 19:00 CAT for a free Online Medicine Circle Ceremony to allow Creator to Teach us to sing and dance to the Song of Life.


Firewalking is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to symbolize and evoke a deep transformation in an individual. It provides an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to explore the boundaries of our physical and mental limits. Firewalking encourages us to be brave and take risks, and to leave our comfort zone in order to discover our true potential.

Firewalking is an excellent way to access our inner strength and gain a better understanding of our capabilities. It also provides a sense of empowerment, as we learn that we can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. On a spiritual level, firewalking has the power to bring clarity and help us connect with our inner wisdom. It can be a profoundly transformative experience that allows us to break free from our own limitations and open up to the possibilities that life offers.

Firewalking can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development and can have a lasting positive effect on our state of mind. It can help us to become more resilient and confident, and to develop a greater sense of trust in our own abilities. By taking part in a firewalking ritual, we can learn to value ourselves and recognize our own potential. Ultimately, firewalking can help us to become more connected to our inner power.

Firewalking can create an environment that pushes you and your team beyond your present reality, challenge your self-limiting beliefs and going beyond your fear to reach your true potential.

Extraordinary - The Power that is You

The journey of personal empowerment, self-transformation, personal growth, and development is an art to be mastered, it starts today and it never ends.

I have co-authored these  books to help give you the foundation and theory you need to start creating a more focused and fulfilled life and to make you aware that you can start living the life you always wanted right now.

They contain the information that have helped me attain personal empowerment and a better life altogether, the very concepts that have sparked me into the life journey I am now following.

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